Latest STF’s new on coming weekend tournament – 2017 AMBASSADOR CUP

To All Raiders’ Warriors,

Please take note on this new changes for coming National TKD championship – 2017 Ambassador Cup..  STF had decided to use new PSS system – KP&P. The STF will provide KP&P head (for events where head kick is allowed) and body PSS in addition to KP&P e-foot protectors.

As the KP&P e-foot protectors will be damaged if they are roughly handled or worn wrongly, we are providing the following guide for the use of the equipment.

Click the URL for photo instructional guide.


For those who have Daedo’s E-Sock, will not be able to use for this Aug-Sept tournament, but still keep it for future usage (Daedo Championship 2017 in Dec).

Extracted from STF’s official website:



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