Grading Result for last Oct 2017 — Achieved 99% passes.

Here is the official last Oct 2017 Grading Result:

Raiders with 134 members participated and we had achieve 99% passes.

New 1st Poom Belt:

Choa Wai Hin

Lim Desiree

Jordan Lim Whey Cher

Nazhan Iman Bin Mohd Nazim

Tan Zee Yan 

Aditya K Singh

Dhruva Sanjay Phillay

Marcus Lim

Damon Ng Zhi He

CONGRATULATION to ALL who had passed your Grading. Continue to train hard for next level of achievement. 

Click Here: GradingResult_Oct2017_AllJnr_Snr

The result include our Raiders (Page 1–3) and All Senior Belt from all clubs (Page-4 onward)

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