Grading Result of Jan 2020 had released!!!

Congratulation to ALL Raiders who participated in last Centralised Grading in Jan 2020 — All PASSED!!! 100% Passed!!!

Obtained Double Promotion:
Gan Qi Yan [White to Yellow]
Leng Wen Si [White to Yellow]
Wong Yu Xuan Jeannelle Isabelle [White to Yellow]
Kang Jia Wei [Green-Tip to Blue-Tip]
Liang Yi Tong [Green-Tip to Blue-Tip]
Nathaniel Shawn Andrew [Green-Tip to Blue-Tip]
Sha Wen Xin [Green-Tip to Blue-Tip]

New Poom Belt (1st POOM):
Chokkanathan Saghana
Jan Ezabelle
Prateek Gowri Shankar
Clarissa Margaret Djie
Thea Maria De Silva

Promoted to 3rd Poom:
Wong Shao En

New Senior Black 1st Dan:
Sri Nandhika Prakash