All Classes to postpone another two more weeks

Dear Parents, Coaches and Trainees,

All our classes will be postpone for 2 weeks. In view of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus situation and DORSCON is in Orange alert, we have received concerns and feedbacks from some parents. Many expressed to postpone the lesson for another 2 weeks to observe the situation further.

Classes will resume as following date stated for each class:-
1) Canberra class resume on 24 Feb.
2) Wed Zone K class resume on 26 Feb.
3) Katong class resume on 27 Feb.
4) Rivervale class resume on 23 Feb.

To add-on, like to inform all that Raiders’ Coaches – Poh Ling Mdm, Polo Sir, Leng Kee mdm and other Coaches — Have not travel to China or been LOA.

Previous three weeks no lesson class, was our usual Grading Break week and followed with usual yearly CNY break.

Thank You.